Athletistic/Figure skating. Honored coach of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova commented on the statement of Olympic champion Alina Zagitova about her intention to try herself in the coaching profession. In 2025, it is planned to open a figure skating school named after Zagitova in Kazan.

“If Alina wants to try herself as a coach, then she will. I don’t see any reason why Zagitova wouldn’t be successful. It is clear that not all athletes can become good coaches; this requires many qualities. In many years, I would like to see Alina as a coach, why not. It’s too early now. If Zagitova wants to start a coaching career, she needs to start now. Then several years should pass, and we will see who and how she will train, what the results will be. And then we can say that she succeeds.

A coach is another job. Riding takes and training gives. Here it’s not even about restructuring, it’s just about another field of activity,” Tarasova said in an interview with a Sport24 correspondent.