The historic shooter that provided the genre, at half price for the PlayStation

With the promotion of Hot Deals by the PS Store, this new edition of the first-person shooter action game is available at a very good price on PS4 and PS5.

PlayStation continues to expand its catalog of promotional games using the Hot Deals initiative, which brings a long list of discounted titles to the PS Store. Among them are one of the latest installments of the most historic first-person shooterwhich can be purchased for PS4 and PS5 at 50% of their value.

The historic shooter that provided the genre, at half price for the PlayStation

DOOM Eternal This is another great sequel to the most iconic shooting video game: DOOM. This first person shooter is a new edition of the game from id Software and is available at $ 19.99 (about $ 20, half its standard value) at the PlayStation Store for both PS4 and PS5.

Although it is not necessary to show it, since it is one of the most popular franchises in the history of video games, it is worth noting that DOOM Eternal, released in 2020, was nominated at The Game Awards for Game of the Year (GOTY), Best Action Game, Best Sound Design, Best Score and Music, and The Player’s Voice Game. Additionally, it won Best PC Game of the Year and Best Action Game at the 2019 Game Critics Awards.

What to expect with the purchase of DOOM Eternal for the PlayStation

when downloading DOOM Eternal at the PS Store, you will get the digital version for PS4 and the digital version for PS5 of this game. DOOM Eternal brings a quantum leap to first-person combat and elevates the genre to a new level, at least nearly 30 years after the original DOOM.

This is how PlayStation describes DOOM Eternal on the official site:

“Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Get into Slayer’s shoes in an epic single player campaign and cross dimensions that kill demons to prevent the ultimate destruction of humanity. They have nothing to fear … except you.

Enjoy the best combination of speed and power

MAXIMUM SLAYER THREAT LEVEL – With a shoulder -mounted flamethrower, retractable wrist blade, upgraded weapons and mods, and abilities, you’ll be faster, stronger, and more versatile than ever.

THE UNHOLY TRINITY-Get what you need from your enemies: gain health by executing them, armor by burning them and ammo by disbowling them with a chainsaw; Be the real demon slayer.

Play BATTLEMODE – A new 2v1 multiplayer experience. An armed DOOM Slayer can battle two demon players in five rounds of intense first-person combat. “

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