Boca’s exclusive publication on the new FIFA

Cast xeneize is the only Argentine soccer club to participate in a posting on networks to publicize the video game name change.

Far, far away are the days of Buenos Aires FC FIFA. After several years of exclusivity in eFootball (formerly PES) he was not allowed to appear in the video game of EA Sports, Mouth returned everyone to the title and became the Argentine club chosen by the Canadian company to promote new franchise name.

EA Sports FC | Boca’s exclusive publication on the new FIFA

Hours before the decisive duel against Defense and Justice for the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup, the entity’s official social network xeneize join the initiative their clubs in the Premier League, the Spanish League, the Bundesliga and more to recognize the name EA Sports FC as used from 2023the historic FIFA is now gone.

We’re in the Club! Find out more in July 2023”, Read the message, the same repeated in countless posts and in different languages ​​between 13 and 14 in Argentina. It is accompanied by a picture of candy boxfull of Xeneize fans and flags. Boca was the only team that made it. For its part, River maintains its exclusivity in eFootball.

Boca, confirmed for EA Sports FC

The Copa Libertadores, confirmed for EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC inherit from FIFA 23 more than 300 licensesmore than 19,000 footballers with 700 teams, 100 stadiums and more than 30 official video game leagues. With the change of name and arrival of EA Sports FC by the end of 2023EA will try to continue adding more licenses and keep those it already has.

One of them will be Libertadores Cupwho joined the company a few seasons ago South American Cup. The event’s official network also echoed the news of the franchise’s name change and published a logo image with the region’s most popular trophy at the club level.

Copa Libertadores is at EA Sports FC

Source: Tycsports

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