The two F1 stars broke it with their Rocket League cars

Two great Formula 1 protagonists got out of their real cars and got into virtual cars to play a video game. See how they did!

Rocket Leaguethe game combines soccer and car racing, has launched Fan Pass of the 2022 Formula 1 Seasonand as part of that collaboration, two drivers played a good video game after the Miami GP. For a moment the racers let go of the wheel and grabbed the joysticks, proving that their ability was more than just the racetrack.

The two F1 stars broke it with their Rocket League cars

Max Verstappenlast Formula 1 champion and current tournament escort, and Pierre Gasleyoccupying the thirteenth place in the championship, got off their real cars to ride in their single-seater in Rocket League. The video game that combines football and motor racing has the official cars of the most important competition in the automotive world thanks to Fan Pass of the 2022 Formula 1 Season.

Rocket League - Formula 1

The great game between Verstappen and Gasly in the Rocket League

The pilots of red bull Y Alpha Taurus respectively, they were teammates in 2019, and since then they have had a very good relationship, seen after the Miami GP, when shared a relaxing moment playing Rocket League. The runners faced off in a battle of the famous video game, where Verstappen came in with an advantage: Before starting, he told his rival that he started playing two weeks ago, although he didn’t know he would be participating in this event. gaslywho never played, he laughed complaining about his disability, especially when the Dutch driver directly converted a goal from the center kick. The rest of the meeting was spent joking about how difficult it was for Alpha Tauri’s main pilot to control his vehicle, and finished with a resounding 4-1 in favor of the current world champion.

Source: Tycsports

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