failure? The PS5 didn’t meet Sony’s sales predictions

Despite reaching a large number of units sold, the PlayStation 5 fell short of the company’s expectations.

PlayStation It is one of the colossi of a select market and with its new generation console it has established itself as the primary and most avant-garde alternative. however, The PS5 did not meet the forecasts made by Sony before it was released, even its sales numbers were very good.

The PS5 didn’t meet Sony’s sales predictions

PS5 It has come to change the universe of video games and esport with bold, innovative technology with tremendous potential. Yes ok Sony expects to sell moreproblems with the supply of certain pieces of technology mean that supply is not dependent on demand, but equal the sales numbers are staggering and very tall.

Since it came on the market in November 2020, The PlayStation 5 has sold at least 19.3 million units. The figure only illustrates the PlayStation’s influence on the gaming market, however by March 31, Sony expects to sell 14.8 millionand below, with 11.5 million of consoles for sale.

The data is from the financial report released by Sony, which is also in question plans to sell another 18 million PS5s next fiscal yearwhere it is closer to curing the shortage of raw material for making the console.

How many PS4s has Sony sold in its history?

And of course the PS5 has only been on the market for a year and a half so there is still time to reach the PS4 record. The truth is that The PlayStation 4, which launched at the end of 2013, now has a massive 117.2 million units soldsomething that, at this rate, the PS5 will surpass in less than six years.

PS4 and PS5

PlayStation | More games sold, but fewer subscriptions to PS Plus

Finally, the Sony report has been revealed between PS4 and PS5 they sold 70.5 million games in the last quarter, 14% higher than the same period last year. Of the total number of games, 14.5 million are own titleswhich marks the autonomy that Sony and PlayStation have reached in the market.

On the other side of this growth in games sold, 47.4 million PlayStation Plus subscribers are registered until last March 31, 200 thousand less than in the same financial period last year. Although the number seems to be lower, the reality is that with more and more players, it was a wake-up call that dropped the subscription. PlayStation will soon launch a new PS Plus, more complete and with more free games.

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