An Argentine, among the finalists of the Axie Infinity World Cup

An Argentine, among the finalists of the Axie Infinity World Cup

Rupert Rosty will participate this weekend in the final round of the AIR22 Championship Series in Las Vegas, with a $ 30,000 prize money.

The Axie Infinity World Competitionthe AIR22 Championship Seriesentering its decisive stage and the face-to-face final held this weekend at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas will feature the presence of an Argentine player: Darío Ternengo, known as rupert rosty.

An Argentine, among the finalists of the Axie Infinity World Cup

rupert rosty is 30 years old and will participate on behalf of alon gthe team for the Spanish-speaking market of Yield Guild Games (YGG), the community that gave him a scholarship so he could play the game and compete with the best in various tournaments.

Born in Ushuaia, Darío Ternengo is a professional poker player and during the pandemic he had to look for new directions, as card game tournaments around the world were delayed. At that time he met Axie Infinty and after establishing himself on the scene he allied with Ola GG to aim at the top of the world ranking game.

This year he started participating in the AIR Championship Series, the most important tournament in the game to date, and after qualifying in the previous four rounds, held in February, March and April, he earned a spot. among eight finalists from around the worldwhich this weekend will compete for the final trophy in the city of Las Vegas with a prize of 30,000 dollars.

“When I found out that Ola GG was looking to form an esports team, I contacted them; the response was quick and very positive. I am so happy and excited to travel to Las Vegas hand in hand with Ola GG to compete with the world elite of Axie Infinity and represent the entire Spanish-speaking community. ”assurance of Rupert Rosty.

Dario Ternengo - Rupert Rosty - World of Axie Infinity

How to play Axie Infinity Worlds Finals

The modality of the tournament to be held this weekend in Las Vegas is as follows: each participant will be able to use 10 axies, throughout the tournament. In each stage, you choose 1 particular axie of your opponent that will be forbidden to use for that entire battle.

This tournament will also feature the Lower Bracket (losers bracket). which will allow the losers in a contest to have another chance to fight again for the title. Upper Bracket matchups (the winners bracket) will be in “Bo5” (best of 5) format and Lower Bracket matchups will be “Bo3” (best of 3) until the third round, where everyone is will be Bo5.

Source: Tycsports

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