League of Legends MSI | Semifinal crosses confirmed: when they were played

League of Legends MSI |  Semifinal crosses confirmed: when they were played

The top four in the Rumble stage will find the final in an elimination series to be played in the best of 5 games. Great candidates are still standing.

MSI 2022

Ang Mid-Season Invitational is at the last stretch. Only four organizations will go in hopes of lifting the midseason trophy. The Rumble stage is more than expected and good candidates need to know how to suffer in order to advance. So far there are no large lumps. Will there be room for surprises in the semifinals?

League of Legends MSI semifinals confirmed: when they played

On Friday from 5 am the first semifinal match will take place: RNG vs. Evil Geniuses. The Chinese only fell twice in the Rumble phase: against F2 Y T1. However, they had no problem advancing to the direct elimination round, having reaped eight wins in ten games. For his part, and as expected, the Americans had to give a fierce battle to continue. EG know how to win saigon buffalo Y PSG Talon twice and take a game from the legendary T1 to finish with a 5-5 record.

On Saturday at the same time, the second series of semifinals will begin in between T1 vs. F2. In the Rumble stage, one win for each squad is the result of their duel. From the hand of fakerthe Koreans had an irregular beginning in the second stage of M: YES but they recovered and finished solid 7-3. For the Europeans, the situation was the opposite: they started with a 4-0 record with wins against RNG Y T1 and then crashed to finish 5-5.

Duels of this eliminatory stage will be played, for the first time in the tournament, up to the best of 5 games, such as the final.

Final standing Rumbe Stage LoL

When will the League of Legends MSI Finals be held?

The winners of the series in between RNG – Evil Geniuses Y T1 – G2 will play in the grand final Mid-Season Invitational on Sunday starting 5am. Of the four teams, only North Americans have not lifted the mid-season title. Can they make history?

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