Ibai made the mistake of revealing the incredible singers who will be attending his boxing night

Ibai made the mistake of revealing the incredible singers who will be attending his boxing night

The streamer prepared a special event on Twitch to announce the new boxer who will replace Jaime Lorente and the actors, and everything went wrong.

The circumstances of Ibai Llanos they usually have a large production and errors are not uncommon. He always took care of every detail, but in this case, everything went wrong. The Spanish streamer has prepared a special broadcast on Twitter and sought, as before, to produce expectation. however, in just a few seconds all the surprises were revealed.

Ibai made a mistake in revealing that Duki, Nicki Nicole and Bizarrap will be performing at the Year 2 Soiree

The content creator requested that the production be released the artists who will take part in Boxing Year 2 Night, on June 25 at the Badalona Olympic Pavilion, in Barcelonabut instead they published the face of the boxer who would replace the actor Jaime Lorentefrom Cada de Papel and Elite, among others.

At that moment, Ibai He was very confused and realized the mistake, so he decided to name the character: Spanish singer David Bustamante, who will face Jagger. However, the very good artists who will be hosting the event were also revealed: Duki, Nicki Nicole, Bizarrap and Rels B. Tickets range from 25 to 80 euros.

The streamer expected the shows to be of high quality, but he was really surprised by the presence of artists who are at good moments in their careers. Duki has announced its first stadium in Velez and the tickets flew in an incredible way, to the point of collapsing the official sale site.

Duki, Bizarrap and Nicki Nicole, at the Year 2 Soiree

Source: Tycsports

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