FIFA 23 | Nico Villalba, again among the best in the eChampions League

The Argentine player competing in Europe entered the 32 qualifiers for the decisive stage of the tournament he won in 2022. Matías Bonanno was eliminated.

Nicholas Villalba stay firm on eChampions League, a tournament he won in spectacular fashion in 2022 and is looking to repeat against the best in the world. The Argentine left the second period and entered between 32 who will argue in the decisive phase.

FIFA 23 | Nico Villalba, again among the best in the eChampions League

the player of GUILD He achieved the three victories he needed in London head-on and advanced to knockout stageto be performed in the same English city in between April 22 and 23. Meanwhile, the eight classified in the quarterfinals will compete in the middle of the year for the title.

nicholas99fc began his way against the local obstacle to achieving dreams and prevailed 4-2; then he defeated the French Teacher by 3-1; in their third match, they fell 7-6 against the French iamrafsou; and in the second to last, he achieved the goal with 3-2 on the hour against the Spanish Mr.

For his part, Matias Bonannothe other Argentine playing in Europe and a finalist in 2022, he is on the verge of advancing to the knockouts. They finished with a 2-3 record and in the decisive game they lost to English NiKSNEB 10-3.

Source: Tycsports

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