CSGO RMR Americas: When and what time do Isurus, 9z Team and Leviathan play

This will be the first participation of an Argentine team in a qualifying tournament for the Major. 00Nation will also fight, in Try.

Isurus - CSGO

After very difficult online qualifiers in the region and once the 16 participating teams have been identified, PGL announced the schedules of CSGO RMR Americasa contest that will provide six seats for Antwerp Major 2022 (Belgium) and that will mark a historic event for Argentina at the hands of Isurus, 9z Team and Leviathan.

CSGO | RMR Americas: when and at what time do Argentine teams debut

The contest, personally held at Bucharestwill be launched on monday April 11 with a cross in between Leviathan and the Brazilians of ANGRYfrom 6 from Argentina. while, isurus they will be seen in conjunction with the North Americans of Party Astronauts at 9z team will crash from 9.45 including the Brazilians MIBR.


  • 06.00 LEVIATHAN vs. ANGRY
  • 08.30 PAIN GAMING vs. BAD GENO
  • 09.45 00 NATION vs. TEAM LIQUID
  • 09.45 9Z TEAM vs. MIBR

* Argentina period. Less than an hour in Chile and less than two hours in Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

9z - CSGO

RMR Americas – PGL Major Antwerp 2022: this is the format

Ang CSGO RMR Americas to do with swiss format. Classification and elimination duels are three maps, while the others will be played in one game. The first six in the general table will get passing Major: can access the stage first legendsthe second and third will go to Challengers and from the fourth to the sixth they shall come You will fight.

For this contest there was an important change with respect to the other similar, in which those with three victories advanced and those suffering three defeats were removed. As in this way there will be three casts with 3-2 record and only one can access Majoris debatable a triangle on April 15 as follows: the best of these three will wait in a final for the winner of the clash between the other two teams.

On the other hand, PGL He also reported on how positions will be assigned to graduates 3-0. will use Buchholz systemwhich determines the final position of each team based on the location of the rivals they defeated. The one who surpassed the cast with the best final position will end up at the top of the overall table.

Leviathan - CSGO

Where to watch CSGO’s RMR Americas: Isurus, 9z and Leviathan

The contest can be followed on PGL Main and Official Twitch Channelorganizer of Major of Antwerpalthough there will also be second channel and channels in different languages ​​such as Brazilian Gaules.

CSGO | How the teams qualified for the RMR Americas

Case Esports, Imperial, 00 Nation and 9z Team entered European competition in the first qualifier in South America, while MIBR, Sao Caetano, Isurus and Leviathan they made it to the second, with one fact no less: Sharks, champions of the FiReLEAGUE Latin Power weekend and qualified for the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, were left behind.

So far, only one Argentine player has played a Minor, an event before a Major. ay nikom, when defending the colors of Team One, in January 2019 against Katowice, in Poland. Now there will be nine: Luken and Rox, from 9z; Deco and Noktse, from Isurus; 1962, Reversive, Meyern and Fakzwall, from Leviathan; and Try, from 00Nation.

Ang Bucharest Minor takes place from April 11 to 14has 16 teams, will be composed in Swiss format and delivered six seats for the Antwerp Major. This will not be an easy task for the Argentines, as they will also share the tournament with: FURIA, Complexity, Party Astronaut, Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Pain Gaming, Bad News Bears and Team One.

Source: Tycsports

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