League of Legends | Josedeodo begins his journey to the LCS playoffs: we tell you when and what time he will play

His team, FlyQuest, will face Evil Geniuses in the first round of the tournament handing out 200 thousand dollars and a ticket to Korea’s MSI.


2021 does not taste good Josedeodo at FlyQuest. The team finished next late and could not access the playoffs. However, 2022 has brought a new wind and with them, the results. The Argentine’s organization achieved an outstanding-only 5th spot in the regular season, as he was a key part in the team’s gear. In a better league adaptation, the jungler shows off one of his best versions and inspires his team.

League of Legends | When and what time does Josedeodo debut in the US LCS playoffs?

FlyQuest reaches the end of the regular season tied to Evil Geniuses at Golden Guardians with a record of 9-9. The three teams are classified for the playoffs but it is necessary to break the tie to see who gets the 4th place that will allow them to start from upper bracket. The Argentine team managed to beat GG but then fell on EG, thus remaining in 5th place in the classification. In this way, FlyQuest he will start his playoff run from the longest part of the bracket.

rival of Josedeodo and there will be company again Evil Geniusesbecause it fell then TeamLiquid sa upper bracket and dropped to lower bracket. The series will play on Sunday at 4:30 pm (Argentina time), it will be the best of the five and Stream it on the official LCS Twitch channel. The winner will wait Ulap9 o Golden Guardians in the second round.

LCS playoffs

“I feel good about reaching the playoffs but I don’t think it was the best because we expected to finish 4th. But obviously I’m happy that we achieved the goal. It’s a much better result than last year. It shows that we improved in some respects “, commented Josedeodo in the middle to invent Global after the end of the regular phase.

Additionally, the Hurlingham -born jungler added: “What has changed for me this year is I trust my teammates in everything they do and tell them what we should do or try. When we beat EG, I told Toucouille that I played a lot of against and if I had played them. slower, we would have won. “

Josedeodo managed to establish himself and reach a very high level in a very competitive league with well -known players such as bwipo, Summit at Bjergsen, Among others. He won the “best player of the game” award three times and the team was affected when the Argentine did not play his best games. She looks confident and enjoys her gift FlyQuest. The chemistry with their peers is visible thousands of miles away. A difficult road will be seen in the playoffs but with the Tukineta at this level the illusions are intact.

Josedeodo FlyQuest

Source: Tycsports

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