A streamer with millions of followers has been banned forever for sexist comments

The North American streamer with nearly 7 million YouTube followers was banned for life from the Riot Games video game for insulting a woman who was playing with him misogynistic sayings.

the streamer IShowSpeed ​​was permanently banned on Valorant because of his macho comments. This is not the first time the 19-year-old American has been in this situation. In fact, was banned for 9 months on Twitchso since then he has been performing his live shows on YouTube.

IShowSpeed, banned forever in Valorant for being macho

The youtuber broadcast live while playing Valorant, when in a game killed him and began insulting one of his colleagues. It was there that another player from the same team intervened to try to calm him down, but IShowSpeed ​​did nothing but unleash, again, his machismo: “Leave the game and wash the dishes”its shout at him in the midst of countless insults.

Riot Games has taken action on the matter: the streamer has been permanently banned from all its games

Sarah Dadafshar, a game producer at the company that created Valorant, manages to announce the penalty against IShowSpeed. Once she found out the clip where the streamer can be seen with her macho temperament, Sara announced on her twitter account that they will find him and all the players who acted in a similar way to suspend them. He later confirmed that the youtuber sanction will be permanent. What else, He asked people to send him all the clips showing similar actions, so he could apply the penalties they think are necessary and make Valorant a safer place.

Valorant has permanently banned IShowSpeed ​​for sexist comments

IShowSpeed’s apology

The young American published a video on his social networks apology for the macho act he starred in while playing Valorant. IShowSpeed ​​said that while it was unreasonable and knew it did wrong, I had a bad day. “I am very young and with every situation that happens in my life I grow, learn and change. That clip was from a few months ago, I’m no longer that person. “He added.

Machismo, common money in Valorant

Although unfortunately women suffer permanent discrimination in the world of video games, in Valorant this aspect is usually more visible. An example of this happened earlier this year, when Spanish streamer Abby published a clip on her twitter account where a man goes to her to wash the dishes.

Source: Tycsports

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