The FIFA 23 eLPF playoffs are played and the Argentine champion is determined

The definition is in person at TyC Sports studios, between Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 May. It can be followed on Twitch.

Time to meet the champion! After a difficult regular season with 28 teams of First division and the best players in the country, the FIFA 23 eLPF the grand champion and the qualifiers will meet next Wednesday World Series play-ins, the official tournament of EA Sports. The playoffs will be played at the TyC Sports studios.

The FIFA 23 eLPF playoffs are played and the Argentine champion is determined

The groups classified from Group A are Núñez, Gymnastics, Workshop and Independentwhile in Group B they advanced Lanús, Sarmiento, Karera and Newell’s. The quarterfinals will be played on Tuesday the 23rd, while the semifinals and the final will take place on Wednesday the 24th. The series will be the best of two games, at PS5.


The prize pool for this convening competition stage is 1,400,000 pesosdistributed as follows: 600,000 for the champion, 400,000 for second and 200,000 for third and fourth. In addition, the first three will get their place in Play inthe tournament that brings together the best of South America and is part of the road to the World Cup.

The delivery of the decisive stage of the competition will have the participation of Juanma Viera and Mariano Viegas as casters, while dalcru will host and Mauro Sironi, Analyst. Transmissions will start the same day at 6:00 pm, on the channels of eLPF and TyC Sports Twitch.

The players who will be chasing the title are: Tom Gauna (Núñez), Eze Correa (Newell’s), Eze Ojeda (Sarmiento), Copernicus (Lanús), Charly Human (Racing), Valentín Mazaluppo (Gymnastics), JPinola (Independent) and Seba Luoni (Workshops)who was champion in the last edition in the colors of San Lorenzo.

Source: Tycsports

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