The head of the Russian Computer Sports Federation spoke about the upcoming eSports tournaments in the country

President of the Russian Computer Sports Federation Dmitry Smith spoke about the upcoming competitions in Russia.

— This year there will be an interregional tournament for all constituent entities of the Russian Federation that are part of the Far East. 11 subjects will hold competitions in two games – Dota 2 and World of Tanks. After which the finalists will travel to Vladivostok, where they will determine the strongest team. Next year it is planned to expand this story internationally and hold finals not only between citizens of the Russian Federation, but also between foreign national teams. Are we going to invite Ukraine? We invite everyone. In my opinion, sport must bring people together. If some guys aren’t ready for whatever reason, then they’re not ready. Prize fund? Not announced yet, but it will be worth it.

No one joined the boycott of the Ukrainian Esports Federation, but 13 countries expressed their support. This represents 10% of the total included in the International Esports Federation.

Add points to admission if you play e-sport? These are not all universities, but only some that have joined this project. The university itself determines the criteria, we recommend using the ranking criterion, if a person has a rank in eSports, then in this case you have the right to receive preferences,” Smith told broadcast of the show “There a Topic!” on the channel.

Previously, the Russian Computer Sports Federation (FKS) reported that the International Computer Sports Federation (IESF) had allowed Russian teams to participate in international competitions with a flag and anthem, reversing its own decision of April 18, 2022, according to which Russian athletes could not participate in international competitions with national symbols. 32 delegates spoke in favor of overturning the decision, 13 voted against and 25 delegates abstained. Later it became known that all teams of the Ukrainian eSports team were withdrawing from the World Cup due to the decision to admit Russians wearing national symbols.

Source : MatchTV

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