CSGO | Riders stopped 9z Team in an unforgettable ESL Pro League S18

The Argentine team fell to Espanyol by a very tight 2-1 and bid farewell to the round of 16 of the tournament to be held in Malta.

Team 9z is very close to making his time in the city even more epic. ESL Pro League S18tournament held at malt and that will remain in the books of counter Argentine and South American, as well as within the most important pages of sports at the national level. Movistar Riders he took the victory in the round of 16 by 2-1.

CSGO | Riders stopped 9z Team in an unforgettable ESL Pro League S18

The cast consists of the Argentinian Try and Buda, the Uruguayans Dgt and Max and the Chilean David give up partially 16-13, 12-16 and 16-9in Nuke, Anubis and Ancient, respectively, before the group of Spanish origin, 27th on the planet. It was the first clash between the two teams and it was defined by details, mostly timing and fate.

Nuke was too close for the purple team. After a good start that led to a slight 6-2 from the terrorist side, the Iberians took six of the seven rounds and went to change sides at the minimum. The pistol led to an 11-7 lead, but 9z is 13-13 after an important streak. The map escaped for nothing.

9z vs Riders

Anubis arrives and The Riders are 6-2 slightly felt according to a map tilted towards the T side, but the set of Frankcaster destroyed all statistics and won seven of the last nine rounds to roughly route the map. Beyond a little scare in the decisive rounds, it was a real walk, to the point of having a 15-9 partial.

With a Martinez difficult to handle in AWP and a Mopoz very accurate, Riders played a strong role from the CT sector in Ancient and then flowed more than 9z to change sides. The purple team struggled to close the profit on the site, they were unlucky with some timings and came a very bad hit from the economy to the last round.

Beyond this defeat that hurts, Team 9z scored before and after his Tuesday victory over the Virtus.Protenth in the ranking and champions of Brazil Major in 2022. Go to the playoffs ESL Pro League It was a historic event, especially after they started with two losses. Taking another step seemed impossible.

Source: Tycsports

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