Director of the Intercontinental eSports League: “The Dota 2 tournament can be part of the “Games of the Future”, but without the second part”

Director of the Intercontinental eSports League Alexander Gorbachenko said on that the Dota 2 tournament as part of the Future Games should be held without a physical stage.

The tournament took place in two stages: digital and physical. During the digital phase, participants play Dota 2; Once completed, the finalists must fight in a show match. The show match discipline is selected by elimination from three matches, including physical football, physical basketball and laser tag.

In the final of the Dota 2 competition at the Future Games, Chinese team Xtreme Gaming beat their compatriots LGD Gaming. Due to a busy schedule, both teams did not participate in the super final. In the physical football match, Entity defeated BOOM Esports with a score of 19:4.

— I watched broadcasts about Dota 2. They took the Dota that we are all used to, the same form of The International, and transferred it to the physical sports platform, I would have done it differently.

A tournament on Dota 2, an e-sports classic, can be part of the entertainment of the global international event “Games of the Future”. I probably wouldn’t suggest a second component, because it’s not necessary.

The Games of the Future platform covers the entire planet and provides the opportunity to demonstrate what Dota is to people who may not know what computer games are.

The broadcast is organized for an already involved audience. She needs to be attracted, to speak in a language that explains to a person who doesn’t know Dota. There is a story to tell. The level of demand that the game places on the participant is extremely high. Cognitive loads, interaction with teammates, even at the project stage, serious computational processes take place in the brain,” Gorbachenko said on .

Source : MatchTV

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