Free Fire Tricks | Emotes and emojis: how to get them for free

In this guide we show you how to get everything you want with cheats and how to get emotes.

Free Fire is one of the most popular video games nowadays and some secrets are hidden in it, which are also linked to emotes. It is a battle royale game for mobile devices, very popular all over the world. I know the details.


The legal way to get emotes in Garena’s battle royale It is through the official video game store and also has a lot of time in the shooter to get free diamonds. There are other applications that allow you to do this, but you will run the risk of being banned and it is not advisable. The store steps are as follows:

  1. . Log in to your Free Fire account to reach the main menu.
  2. . There, look for the store icon on the left of the screen and enter.
  3. Then you should enter the “collection” and the emotes section.
  4. Explore the emotes and find the one you want to buy.
  5. Click on the desired emote and buy it with real money/redeem it with diamonds.
free fire emotes


Before starting a game, we must select the preferred emotes, which we can see in the previous menu and then on the map. To use them, we must follow these steps:

  1. Inside Free Fire, click on the “Collection” section.
  2. Go to the “Emotes” tab and select the emote you want to equip.
  3. Click “Equip” and that emote will be added.
  4. You can get a maximum of 8 emotes in the game.
  5. To use it in the game, you just need to click on the logo where you can see the smiley face.
free fire emotes


There is a free way to get emotes in Free Fire, instead of using real money in the video game store. The best way is to get diamonds for free and to do this you must play special shooter events, logging in daily to earn prizes and completing missions and challenges in the game.

Another free way is to simply win Free Fire games, although of course this is not easy for most. Finally, a good way to get a lot of diamonds (up to 3000) is to work with Garena by reporting bugs in the game.


These animations of The characters within Free Fire represent a lot. It can not only represent your tastes, but also express feelings, give you more fun on the map and also communicate with other players.

There are a large number of options for players. Some express sarcasm, others are dances, there are also current gestures of friendship and confrontation, among others. Each user will find the one they like or represent the most. Here is the list of emotes:

  • How are you!
  • Ha ha ha
  • To stir up
  • Applause
  • Only
  • chicken
  • arm wave
  • shoot dance
  • young shark
  • shake me
  • glorious turn
  • crane kick
  • dance party
  • Jig dance
  • selfie
  • Flower of love
  • mom dances
  • Push up
  • crawl
  • FFWC throne
  • dragon’s fist
  • Dangerous game
  • Jaguar dance
  • Threatening
  • shake the soul
  • Pirate flag
  • Best DJ
  • deadly stare
  • Devil movement
  • furious blow
  • Moon Flip
  • Walk wobbly
  • battle dance
  • close
  • Move it
  • money power
  • eat my dirt
  • Ribbon
  • Im rich
  • make it rain
  • dust
  • Captain Booyah
  • Let go
  • Booyah!
  • It’s easy
  • Break dance
  • kung fu
  • Enjoy
  • Aim, fire!
  • The Swan
  • I’m warming you up
  • Tea time
  • Go for it!
  • Because? Or why?
  • luxurious hands
  • shirt
  • puppy
  • Challenge now!

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