How to effectively use different grenades in Free Fire?

The game is characterized by simple graphics, easy-to-learn controls and fast, exciting battles.

FreeFire is a free-to-play Battle Royale mobile video game developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. In the game, up to 50 players parachute onto an island in search of weapons and equipment to eliminate other players and become the last one standing. For survival, we teach you how to use different grenades effectively.

How to effectively use different grenades in Free Fire?

Grenades are powerful tools in Free Fire that can help you eliminate enemies, destroy structures, and gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield.. To make the most of its potential, it is important to understand the different grenades available and how to use them effectively.

Types of grenades in Free Fire:

  • Fragmentation grenades: A classic short-range explosive that deals area damage to nearby enemies. Ideal for clearing rooms or eliminating groups of players.
  • Smoke grenade: Creates a thick cloud of smoke that blocks vision and allows you to move stealthily or cover your retreat. Perfect for escaping dangerous situations or preparing ambushes.
  • Stop bomb: Enemies are temporarily stunned in one area, leaving them disoriented and helpless. Useful for taking control of an area or disrupting an enemy attack.
  • glow grenade: Releases a sticky substance that creates a temporary barrier. Ideal for protecting yourself from enemy fire, blocking entrances or making high passes.
  • fire grenade: Ignite an area, causing constant damage to enemies that stay in it. Perfect for denying areas of range or corralling enemies.

Tips for effective use of grenades:

  1. Choose the right grenade for the situation: Each grenade has its own purpose, so evaluate the situation and choose the one that will best help you achieve your goal.
  2. Consider the range and trajectory: Grenades have different ranges and trajectories. Keep this in mind to make sure you hit your target.
  3. Take advantage of the rebound: Grenades can bounce off surfaces, allowing you to hit hidden targets or make surprise launches.
  4. Combine grenades with other tactics: Grenades are most effective when combined with other tactics, such as suppressive fire or flanking.
  5. Practice in training mode– Familiarize yourself with different grenades and practice using them in training mode before jumping into real combat.
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