Where to fall in Free Fire maps if you are a beginner

If you are just starting out in Garena’s battle royale, we leave you with some tips to familiarize yourself with the game and not give up on the attempt right away.

Where to fall in Free Fire maps if you are a beginner

Start with FreeFire and doing it successfully is not an easy task, especially for those who have just entered the arena and are not familiar with the map and loot, beyond the fact that the game matches the levels. If you want to take advantage, it is important to find a good place to fall and here we leave you the most convenient.

Where to land on the Free Fire map if you’re new

In Bermuda:

  • Riverside: A quiet area located in the east of the map, with houses and buildings to loot.
  • shipyard: Located in the south of the map, it offers good loot without much competition.
  • Central: A central area with several buildings and houses, perfect for practicing close combat.
  • Clock Tower: An emblematic place with good loot, but it can be busier than previous options.

In Purgatory:

  • Academy: A school in the north of the map that has a lot of loot, but also has more players.
  • Riverside: Similar to the Bermuda option, it offers peace of mind and good loot.
  • Springs: Located in the south of the map, this is an area with containers and ships to loot.
  • Brasília: A central city with buildings and houses, perfect for urban combat training.

Additional tips for beginners is to observe in the fall how many go to the same place and change plans; prioritize a major theft to avoid being caught in a bad position; explore different areas every autumn; and don’t be silentespecially if there is no place to cover.

Source: Tycsports

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