CS2 | Jony Boy: “What 9z does is very motivating”

CS2 |  Jony Boy: “What 9z does is very motivating”

The Velox player and world runner-up in the Argentine National Team in Serbia 2016 gave his opinion on the current Violeta.

CS2 | Jony Boy: “What 9z is doing is very motivating”

The historical performance of 9z Team at CS2 IEM Dallas remains on everyone’s lips, despite its recent invitation to Colonia by ranking and having international teams in Argentina to compete in the Fire League Global Finals in Obras. In this case, Johnny Boya historical player in the scene, points out what Violeta got.

CS2 | Jony Boy: “What 9z is doing is very motivating”

He Velox player referring to the Frankkaster team’s top 4 finish in the United States, where they lost consecutively Mouz, Team Liquid and Vitality, in an unprecedented event for the region. “What 9z did was greatly motivate new players. It can be reached. “We have to keep trying,” he stressed.

Comparing the achievements, many followers of the Counter Strike scene remembered the runner-up finish that the Argentina National Team in Serbia 2016, in a very unpleasant context and far from the professionalism handled these days. In that contest, Jony Boy, Tutehen, Straka, Tomi and NBL They delivered an unexpected blow.

“They have different things. We were not professionals and we worked on something else, and we came up with something epicbut from a sporting point of view it is unquestionable what 9z did and what he is doingsuch as reaching the Major more than once and competing as equals in Tier 1 tournaments, It is greater and more worthy” he emphasized Johnny.

Source: Tycsports

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