Free Fire, in danger of disappearing?

Free Fire, in danger of disappearing?

The information began to spread earlier on social networks and put millions of players on alert.

Free Fire, in danger of disappearing?

FreeFire is the most successful battle royale for mobile devices in the world and has even reached the milestone of more than 100 million downloads. Therefore, when important news appears, it goes viral in seconds and reaches every corner of the planet.

Free Fire, in danger of disappearing?

In recent weeks, a the Human Rights Organization (UN) is said to be requesting I was about to start the developer Garena and users echoed it to provoke a kind of massive frenzy.


According to this news, the company that created FreeFire will have six months to remove the title from download platforms and thus avoid major problems. It should also shut down its servers and everything related to the successful video game.

However, this news is not true. Or not? From the UN it didn’t send no statement about it and Garena He also did not specify this situation. Apparently it was a fake news which took a lot imposed, also as a kind of joke.

Source: Tycsports

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