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LoL Competitive Summary | LLA 2023 defined its areas; Rogue and Cloud9, champions; Isurus already knows his rivals at Worlds


This weekend the last leagues ended in series that got people talking. The World Cup already has groups defined and on September 29 they will go for glory on the territory of North America.

Upon confirmation from the Worlds teams, anxiety is starting to build before the most important tournament of the year. The final announcements are defined in a weekend that has everything. The LLA’s Promotion/Relegation, the North American LCS, and the European LEC all provided bright spots. Check out everything that’s happened in the professional League of Legends scene.

Promotion/Relegation of ALL | Xten retained the square and The Kings achieved promotion

Xten was too much for Incubus and ruined his dream of promotion. The Peruvian team could only destroy two towers in three disputed points, a clear example of the differences that existed in the Mexican organization. For other series, Globant Emerald stood up to The Kings but ended up falling and giving up the LLA spot for 2023.

Cloud9 crushed 100 Thieves for their fourth LCS title

The historical team put all the years of experience on the scene and quickly convicted 100 Thieves. In a rivalry that seems more balanced, Cloud9 accepted the role of favorite and completely dominated the three maps played. Now the Worlds are coming up and the goal is clear: reach the semi-finals like in 2018.

Rogue crushed G2 and won the LEC for the first time in its history

Historic weekend for Rogue. The organization defeated Fnatic in the semi-finals on Saturday and swept G2 in the LEC finals yesterday. They only lost one map against the two biggest organizations in Europe. They will be making their third Worlds appearance with dreams of getting out of the group stage for the first time.

Isurus and a complicated group in the Worlds 2022 Play-In

In the draw held last night, The Argentine shark got the group of death. He will face the two most complicated Asians in the Play-In: XRD and Royal Won’t Give Up. In addition, they will also have to face the MAD Lions, a European representative with good results in recent seasons. Saigon Buffalo from Vietnam and Istanbul Wildcats from Turkey complete the group, rivals that Isurus will have to overcome if he wants to dream of qualifying.

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