An Argentine reached the VALORANT World Cup final

The Brazilian team LOUD, together with Argentinian player Saadhak, will contest the meaning of the tournament in Istanbul on Sunday.

KRU Esports He was eliminated from the group stage of VALORANT World Cupwhile Leviathan reached the playoffs and had a bye in the quarterfinals. however, Argentina will have a presence in the final of the tournament which will take place in Istanbul from the hand of Saadhak

An Argentine reached the VALORANT World Cup final

Matias Delipetro reached to the side The Brazilian team is HAPPY the definition of the most important tournament of the season in the Riot Games video game, after defeating the Americans from OpTic Gaming with parts of 13-10 and 13-3.

The South American team avenged the loss they suffered in the group stage by 2-1, forcing them to face Zeta in the decider to reach the playoffs. From there, HAPPY won 2-1 in Team Liquid and XSET.

For the Brazilians, it also means an important victory because it is the team ranked number one in North America and in being cast which deprived them of assignment to Reykjavik Mastersin April, finishing 3-0.

HAPPY Now he is waiting for a rival for the final, which will be the best of five maps. His rival will appear in the lower bracket clash in between In the eye and the winner of the clash in between XRD and FunPlus Phoenixthe set that took down Leviathan.

Source: Tycsports

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