World 2022 | Analysis of Isurus’ Play-In rivals

The Argentine shark will play its second World Cup in its history and will face the teams of enormous size that we analyze in this report.

Isurus has achieved one of the great goals of the year: back to the LLA title. But when a goal is reached, new dreams appear on the horizon. And doing well at Worlds is the shark’s next goal. Next, we take a trip around the world to meet the teams that the Argentine organization will face in the Play-In: RNG, DRX, MAD Lions, Saigon Buffalo and Istanbul Wildcats.

Isurus returns to Worlds after its participation in 2019

For Latin teams, going to Worlds is really difficult. Only the Clausura champion has access to the only place for the region and, recently, the results are not included in the final international events. Isurus will look to reverse this bad streak in the region after participating in Worlds 2019. In that World Cup, the shark passed the first stage of the Play-In but the next time it fell in the eliminatory key against Hong Kong Attitude.

Although he didn’t get a chance to face his opponents at Worlds, at 2019 MSI he measured himself against Turkish and Vietnamese teams. A Fenerbahçe Esports he won one of the two duels, while fighting Phong Vu Buffalo He lost both times.

  • Foundation: 2011 (LoL in 2013).
  • Region: EVERYTHING.
  • World Participations: 1 (2019).
  • Best results in the World: Second round of Play-In in 2019.
  • Titles in your story: 5 (2 CLS and 3 ALL).
  • Roster: ADD, Grell, Seiya, Gavotto, Jelly and Pan.
isurus, champion

World 2022 – Play On | Royal Never Give Up: experience and hierarchy

RNG is the toughest opponent Isurus has to face. He is the current two-time MSI champion, owner of the first LPL split of the year and included one of the best Worlds lists. In addition to having one of the best midlaners in the world, such as xiaohuRNG has botlane which is scary GALA Y mingone of the oldest and most powerful duos in the scene.

  • Foundation: 2015.
  • Region: China.
  • World Participations: 5 (’16, ’17, ’18, ’19 and ’21).
  • Best results in the World: Semifinals in 2017 (2-3 vs. SKT).
  • Titles in your story: 12 (2 Demacia Cup, 5 LPL, 3 MSI, 2 Rift Rivals).
  • Roster: Breathe, Wei, Xiaohu, GALA, Ming and Bunny.

World 2022 – Play On | DRX, powered by the Korean LCK

While he is far from the powerhouses in his league like Gen.G or T1, DRX is a team to be feared. His most popular player is the ADC Defwho will perform at his 7th Worlds. Berylhis linemate, also has tournament experience having participated last year with Damwon.
XRD He finished 6th in the Summer Split, qualified for the LCK Regional and earned a ticket to Worlds. Along with RNG, they are the two powerhouses of the group.

  • Foundation: 2019.
  • Region: Korea.
  • World Participations: 1 (2020).
  • Best results in the World: Quarterfinals in 2020 (0-3 vs. Damwon).
  • Titles in your story: 0.
  • Roster: Kingen, Pyosik, Zeka, Deft, Taeyoon, and Beryl.

World 2022 – Play On | MAD Lions without Humanoid… a winnable rival?

After winning two European titles in 2021, MAD Lions left without its leading star: humanoid. The Czech joined the squad of fnatic and, since then, the group of Spanish origin has had problems. German Reeker was the first replacement, but he did not meet the expectations that his predecessor could meet: Nisqy.

We can find MAD Lions as the 3rd favorite of the group: one step below RNG and DRX but above the other three teams. Reach the World by reaching the semi-finals in the LEC and He will play his third consecutive World Cup.

  • Foundation: 2019.
  • Region: Europe.
  • World Participations: 2 (’20 and ’21).
  • Best results in the World: Semifinals in 2021 (0-3 Damwon).
  • Titles in your story: 2 (LEC).
  • Roster: Armut, Elyoya, Nisqy, UNPORGIVEN, Kaiser.
MAD Lions

World 2022 – Play On | Saigon Buffalo, direct competitor of Isurus

The world of League of Legends met saigon buffalo for his participation in the last MSI, his first international experience. There he won both duels against Team Azea game on G2 and stand on Q1. He was left in the second stage, but was surprised by his aggressive proposal.

Although this is far from the capabilities of the three teams analyzed above, Saigon Buffalo will be a very aggressive opponent but one that Isurus will have to overcome in order to dream.

  • Foundation: 2019.
  • Region: Vietnam.
  • World Participations: 0.
  • Titles in your history: 0.
  • Roster: Hasmed, BeanJ, Froggy, Shogun, Taki, Ribell and Richard.
saigon buffalo

World 2022 – Play On | Istanbul Wildcats, the most accessible team

The Turkish organization played in the last two MSIs without good results. He barely won 2 games out of 12 games played: MAD Lions and Red Canids. He is the weakest rival in the group and will surely fight for 4th place in the group with Isurus and Saigon. It will debut at Worlds.

  • Foundation: 2019.
  • Region: Turkey.
  • World Participations: 0.
  • Titles in your history: 3 (TCL).
  • Roster: StarScreen, Ferret, Serin, HolePhoenix and Farfetch.
Istanbul Wildcats

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