CSGO Major preview scandal: Valve allowed 9z Team coach

Zakk could not participate in the tournament in Antwerp and Valve even canceled his flight back. The contest will begin on May 9th.


It’s only three days before the start CSGO Majorin Antwerp, Belgium, Valve took the harsh and controversial decision on punishment three coaches for supposedly using a bug for the benefit of their teams. One of those affected is brazilian zackfrom 9z team, who could not participate in the tournament and, in addition, suffered the cancellation of his return flight. A big blow for the Argentine cast, at his first experience in this type of contest.

CSGO: Valve allowed Zakk, coach of 9z, three days before the Major

The video game developer based its determination on an investigation by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC)which started two years ago and ended in March 2021. At that time, they were sentenced 37 coach for getting different kinds of benefits for their teams due to an error in the game, but now the same entity has reappeared with a new statement to blame Zack and other key personnel having the same.

“Well guys, it looks like I was banned for an investigation that ended a while ago. 14 monthsbut they decided to warn 3 days before the Major. Unfortunately, I don’t have the memory to remember two rounds: one, I’m sure I don’t and I’m back in live time. But Valve That’s it, “he wrote. Zack on their social networks. So far there are no details about what the games are or how exactly the events happened.

In his investigation, ESIC reported three types of game mistakes that coaches “exploit” to “achieve”: Static Spectator Bug, Freemode Spectator Bug, and Third Person Spectator Bug. The first variant caused the penalty of 37 coaches in 2021and now add iba 47 for the sum of 84 were affected. All this, 14 months after the close of the investigation and three days after a Major.

“How was Valve days before the Major I banned my coach for something from 2018, and they banned him from entering training room in the tournament. The funniest thing is that flights are canceled as punishment, ”he published. frankkaster, CEO of the Argentine team, once the sanctions for Zack. And I added: “Update: the bug Zakk used on the 9z was unintentional and it’s in LA RONDA FACA.” This round is the one that defines the side of each team between T and CT.


“The nature of static error in the viewer is such put the trainer in a random position on the map at the beginning of a round while giving him control over that position. As a result of this mistake, the participant was given an unfair advantage that should not have been. Such an advantage can be attributed to obtaining information that would otherwise not be available ”, he pointed out. ESIC in your statement.

“The Commissioner of ESIC believe that the occurrence of this error raised a moderate level up to highly competitive integrity risk. This is due to the frequency and duration at which the bug is exploited, suggesting that the bug may have been triggered and/or is a frequently occurring phenomenon. The investigation has already revealed the bug occurred in 1311 rounds of 98 fights. A bug that Valve could have fixed.

The second variant, called viewer error in freemode, was the most serious of the three and allowed the coaches to move on the map and see the movements of the opposing team. ESIC maintains that there were three coaches who used this bug and that can be sanctioned for up to 24 months.


The latter surot is the less serious and “seems to be caused by a server software issue on two CSGO tournament platforms in particular “. The third person viewer bug allowed the manager to watch the game from the locked third person view of the players on their team. The coach was able to switch between players, changing his viewport accordingly.Additionally, the trainer was able to manipulate their viewing space around the player’s axis through a 360-degree range of motion.

“The Commissioner noted that in each instance where a third-person spectating bug was triggered, the bug only lasted one round. In all cases observed by ESIC, the participant is disconnected at the end of the affected round or goes offline at the end of the round. This presents a relatively low risk to competitive integrity. The other two trainers affected are Spirit’s Hally and Imperial’s Peacemaker. In the following video you can see why Hally was punished, at the time, by Sword’s coach.

Source: Tycsports

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