CSGO | Games where Zakk, 9z Team coach, was allowed

Referee Michal Slowinski, who conducted the bugs investigation, published four videos involving the Argentine team’s coach.

The games where Zakk is punished

After punishment imposed by Valve Zack and that will prevent you from joining CSGO Major in AntwerpBelgium, esports referee Michael Slowinskileading investigation into video game bugs exploited by coaches in professional competitions, published the videos in which the Brazilian was punished.

CSGO: The Four Games Zakk Banned

Two of them match his stay ningningin 2018, while others are included 9z team. One pair was uploaded in 2020 and another pair in March 2021, when the investigation ended. Property Slowinsky showed his surprise on social networks to see that Sports Integrity Commission (ESIC) waited until now to issue a statement.

Ang video from October 22, 2020 shows in Zack using the camera in the Overpass, during the warm-up, the faca round and a few seconds of the opening round for Aorus League, against the River. In the other video with 9z team He stays in third person with one of his players and, certainly to avoid having a breach, he deliberately positions himself in satellite mode.

In another video you will see him in third person in a duel against MIBR, where the pistol round clearly disappeared. The only video that really commits him is the last one, in a duel between Luminosity and eUnitedwhere you will see the site information of B and your team conducts an attack on A with the information.

ESIC issued a statement explaining that the two plays he used to punish Zack is the Overpass against the River, but above all their static position against eUnited, for the ESL One Cologne 2018 North America Closed Qualifier.

Source: Tycsports

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