Zakk, coach of 9z: “I’m so shocked and sad”

The Brazilian expressed himself on social networks about the harsh punishment he received for allegedly using a bug. You will not be able to participate in the tournament in Belgium.

Zakk said after Valve's sanction

Zackthe coach of 9z teamwas suddenly authorized by Valve three days before the start CSGO Antwerp Majora tournament that will mark before and after for the history of esports in Argentina and Latin America as it is first participation of a cast from the region, eliminating Brazil. A powerful blow for Violet.

Zakk, Valve authorized the CSGO Major preview

The developer relied on an investigation conducted by Sports Integrity Commission (ESIC) for two years and graduated March 2021 with sanctions of 37 coaches. However, the entity launched new trials involving 47 other starsthis includes the Brazilian coach.

“I was banned. They told me two days before the Major. I don’t know about rounds. very stupid. It’s a game from 2018 -it’s in Luminosity- and another with 9z. I do not remember what happened in 2018. If I remember, I will talk to ESIC to ban it immediately because the investigation has already been passed, ”he said. Zack on Instagram stories.

And he added: “The 9z, I don’t think it’s on the computer anymore and I went back to the game. Besides, we lost the round and there was no one in my chamber. Sorry to all the fans. I was so shocked and so sad. I will accompany the men as much as I can and it will continue ”. In addition, Valve canceled flights that he could use.

Source: Tycsports

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