FIFA 22: How the new FUT TOTS Swaps works

EA Sports has launched a new initiative that will feature tokens as trade items for packs and even Icon players.

FIFA 22 launched the first TOTS for the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and, in turn, opened a new event that will allow you to win invaluable packs and even the Icons: the TOTS Swaps They have already started with the first tokens that will be redeemed shortly for a limited time to get FUT rewards.

FIFA 22 introduced TOTS Swaps to FUT: how they work

Ang TOTS Swaps has very much the same dynamic as Icon Swaps: Over time, tokens will appear and can be redeemed through Goals, SBC, and more. They will come to FUT and will be used to exchange for a series of valuable rewards, from packs, to TOTS players or even Icons.

As EA Sports explained, there will be a total of 25 tokens that will be part of TOTS Swaps and you can now get the first one just by entering FUT before May 27. SBCs and goals are now available to start adding tokens and enjoy upcoming prizes.

FIFA22 | When can TOTS Swaps be available?

The FUT TOTS Swaps Token is Available Starting TodayFriday May 6, but only on May 20 you can redeem with the emergence of the first SBC of the event. As is often the case with these types of events, the squad creation challenges will have a limited validity and will be for one week: will expire on May 27.

FIFA 22 - TOTS Swaps

FIFA22 | All TOTS Swaps Rewards

  • 2 tokens – Rare Player Pack
  • 3 tokens – Saudi Pro League TOTS Pack (1 Saudi Pro League TOTS Player)
  • 3 tokens – Eredivisie TOTS Pack (1 Eredivisie TOTS Player)
  • 5 tokens – Community TOTS Pack (1 Community TOTS Player)
  • 5 tokens – Ultimate Envelope
  • 7 tokens – Bundesliga TOTS Pack (1 Bundesliga TOTS Player)
  • 10 tokens – Premier League TOTS Pack (1 Premier League TOTS Player)
  • 14 tokens – Joint Premier League or Bundesliga TOTS Player Choice (1 of 3 options)
  • 15 tokens – Pack of 25 unique players 84+
  • 17 tokens – Michael Ballack of Icon Moments
  • 19 tokens – Premier League TOTS Player Pick (1 of 3 options)
  • 22 tokens – Luis Figo Icon Moments

Source: Tycsports

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