League of Legends | How are the new challenges coming to MOBA

The new system will offer 300 challenges that will be rewarded with prizes. It covers all game modes: from rank to ARAM and Clash.

A new wind is coming League of Legends. In order to offer players new experiences and motivations, RiotGames will launch 300 challenges that must be completed to receive prizes and bonuses. They are intended not only for those who enjoy ranking, but also for those who play ARAM, Clash and even cosmetic collectors. See what they are about.

How are the challenges coming up in League of Legends

The challenges to be included will be divided into five categories already they can level up one by one and thus begin to climb the ranks as we progress: from iron to challenging. Ruthless assassin players will be rewarded, working as a team as well as innovative players in their games. Here are the challenge categories:

  • Imagination: Those who make very particular plays will be rewarded.
  • Expert: category for those with the power of lethal destruction in cunning ways.
  • Teamwork and strategy: People who work more closely with their peers will be given an award in this category.
  • veteran: achieving ruthless murder will be the goal in this section.
  • Collection: To complete the bar of this category you need to collect cosmetics and get loot.
lol challenges

A new challenge tab will appear on our profile with all the information about our progress on the system. The crystal located in the upper left corner will indicate the current rank and, below, the points achieved so far. As the categories bars fill, the overall score will increase and we will be closer to reaching the higher elo.

Each challenge is accompanied by a letter with all the information needed to fulfill it: the points it awards, the requirements to achieve it, the progress we have made and in what ways we can do it.

LoL challenge card

Source: Tycsports

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