World 2022 | How Latin American teams did in all editions of the League of Legends World Cup

We analyze the performances of the regional champions, before and after reaching the Play-In of LoL’s highest competition.

Thursday September 29th start a new one League of Legends World Cup with the historic possibility for Latin America to act as a local during the Play-In, which will be held in Mexico City. check will represent the region, after being crowned Clausura champion and achieving his third title of EVERYTHINGand will find the goal just out of reach: advance to the second round of World 2022. Of course this will not be an easy task.

World 2022 | How Latin American teams did in all editions of the League of Legends World Cup

The first world of the specialty was in 2011, when fnatic the champion was proclaimed at Jonkoping, Sweden, in what would be to date the only title earned by a non-Asian cast. About Latin Americajust entered World 2017 we have our own representatives: they were Kaos Latin Gamerschampion of the Copa Latinoamérica Sur, and Lyon Gaming, the king of the north. Previously, the region failed to secure its ticket to the premier event by failing from 2013 to 2016 in previous qualifiers.

So that all regions have some representative in the worldRiot Games decided that year to remove qualys, called Wild Cardsand summon champion casts from emerging regions to participate from the Play-In, the first stage of the competition, along with other casts from the most powerful countries.

KLG 2018

Let’s make some history. Latin America began to dream of in the world since 2013 and played the International Wildcard Tournament from the hand of Lyon Gamingwho defeated the Argentines by LoL Cave by 3-0. The Mexicans traveled to GamesCom, in Germany, to face teams like this Pain Gaming (Brazil), Dark Passage (Turkey), Team Immunity (Oceania) and the winner GamingGear (Lithuania).

The next stop in a wild card featured unforgettable Pineapple Expressconsisting of historical names such as Uri, Badmilk, Manta Ray, FraGio and Megajpwhich they defeated in the Latin American final, played in Argentina, against lions. Already in a duel to go to the World Cup, they fell 3-0 against Kabum’s Brazilians, a cast that performed in South Korea World Cup 2014.

The 2015 International Wildcard Tournament was held in Chile and had as a representative of Latin America Kaos Latin Gamerswhich in the regional sense left Lyon on the road in the hands of Whitelotus, Regi, Helior, Juliostito and Oso. There, he defeated the Russians of HardRandombut then surrendered 3-0 in the final against the Brazilians from Pain Gaming.

and we came to 2016. Double chance for Latin America, as Riot Games decided that the champions of the South and North participate in the Wild Card. Lyon Gamingwith its historic cast consisting of Jirall, Oddie, Seiya, Whitelotus and Arcefinished first in the group stage with a record of six wins and one loss and reached the final tournament. KLGinstead, was relegated to seventh place out of the eight teams that participated.

R7 2020

lions it was played all or nothing against the Russians by Albus Nox Luna, the only team to beat him in the previous stage. In a sense for a heart attack, the Mexican team fell to 3-2 and was left without a World Cup in 2016, after being 2-1 up in the series.

After much disappointment and Riot Games’ decision to drop the Wild Card tournament, Kaos Latin Gamers and Lyon Gaming participated in the 2017 World Cup in China, from the Play-In. KLG was removed then Fnatic and Young Generationwhile the Lions passed the first stage and then fell in the decisive heads-up match Cloud9 3-0.

We went to 2018 Play-Ins and let’s find another chance Kaos Latin Gamers and the participation of infinity sports. KLG bid farewell with four losses, while those from Costa Rica passed the first stage with a 2-2 record and advanced to the decisive match to try to enter the group stage: it was a loss of 3-1 against G2 Esports.

The 2019 World Cupas a united region, had an Opening and Closing champion at the World Cup, in addition to being the first Argentine institution to get tickets to the Worlds. checkwith experienced players like Odie and Seiyaadded to Buggax, Wara and Slow, left behind Detonation FocusMe in the group and, after a favorable confidence-building draw, faced off Hong Kong attitude for a place in the group stage. In the end, it was 3-1 for the Orientals, perhaps the region’s most important chance to jump into the World Cup.

In 2020 it is the turn of rainbow7 in Shanghai, with very young players and three Argentines, Shadow, Acce and Josedeodo, which left an impressive image and then jumped to the United States. It was 2-2 and beat 3-0 in Knockout Stage vs. LGD Gaming. And in 2021, Infinity he said goodbye with four losses to score a major blow. check there will be a new opportunity. They will have a very complicated group, but hope is full.

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